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These are the most frequently asked questions regarding WangGuard. If you have any others, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is WangGuard?

WangGuard is a service born out of the need to control Sploggers or spam users.

What are Sploggers or spam users?

Sploggers or spam users are those individuals that through manual or automated means, register in all sorts of communities, blog networks, forums, etc… in an attempt to create links to their own sites and advertise their own products.

How does WangGuard work?

WangGuard works in a very simple way. All you have to do is install the plug-in for your CMS and activate it. From that moment and by being connected to our servers, we’ll filter all registrations in your site.

Do I need anything else other than the plug-in?

Yes. You’ll need an API key for the plug-in to work. To obtain an API Key, you must register and request the one that better meets your needs.

Is WangGuard free?

WangGuard is free during these first months after our launch around the world. Later it will continue to be free for all users with personal blogs that do not exceed 200€ per month in revenue or 6,000 requests per month. Otherwise, you’ll have to add credit each month based on the type of API Key that better meets your needs.

Which types of API key are there?
In general, there are two types of API Key:

Free API Key
Commercial API Key

The first one is free, and the second one requires payment. Furthermore, the Commercial API Key is divided in 3 subtypes:

Advanced API Key
Enterprise API Key
Utilization API Key

Can anybody install the Free API Key?

The Free API Key is only for users with personal sites with revenues below 200€ per month and that do not need to make more than 6,000 requests per month to our server. Otherwise, you’ll need a Commercial API Key.

What are the advantages of having a Commercial API Key?

By having any of the Commercial API Keys, you are allowed more requests to WangGuard, can perform full database scans to search for sploggers or spam users, enjoy preferential support treatment, etc…

Where can I get the API Key?

Once you register and login to WangGuard’s private member area, you’ll need to get the one that better meets your needs or profile.

I’m getting an error that the plug-in cannot connect with WangGuard

If you get this message, is because your hosting provider is blocking connections with WangGuard. Please ask them to open connections with IP address

I tried to register in a site and it tells me I’ve been blocked by WangGuard

If that’s the case, it means you’ve been reported in various sites as a splogger or spam user. Please use our form to contact us and we’ll analyze your situation.

Can I collaborate or support WangGuard in any way?

Of course! You can get an Advanced API Key, create plug-ins for other platforms, translate the plug-in to other languages, etc…

What happens if there is a connection problem with WangGuard?

If this happens, all registrations that take place in your site would not be verified at that time, but they can be verified later on.

What does the name WangGuard mean?

Wang protector, Wang comes from Chinese mythology. He was one of the original twenty six generals of the celestial court. He became an officer for the emperor of heaven, guardian of the ethereal palace, aided by fierce guardians, that would sometimes punish individuals without principles, and that at the entrance of Taoist temples is represented by a fierce warrior, with a harsh face, heavily armed and with a shield.